Current PCC Fundraising Support

Join the PCC family as we work to support this year's goals:  funding our annual One Voice festival (will include TC, IC, and CC/HC) and our all-singer December pizza party; purchasing instruments for each level.  Instruments will help our singers learn musical concepts like rhythm and beat, help them remember lyrics, and add a new dimension to each performance.

Interested in Manna gift cards? This is our consistent, 12-month fundraising effort that supports individual singers as well as our entire program. Order gift cards each week for hundreds of gas stations, restaurants, and retail stores. If you order a $100 Jewel card to use when you grocery shop, you’ll send in $100 order on Monday (or Wednesday for our younger choirs) and get your $100 gift card a week later. Jewel then donates a percentage back to us. Some vendors offer rebates up to 25%! Looking for birthday or teacher gifts? Manna gift cards are perfect!

Questions? Contact Bruce Goldberg at Here’s the newest order form: Manna Order Form

Do you need an order form for our current fundraiser? (This could be Lou Malnati’s pizza, Butter Braid, flower bulbs or candy, for example.) Go to “Singer Center,” then “Forms” and find it there.

Want to help the Parent Board with other projects that will help us with tour costs and support our program as a whole? Or propose new projects for 2016?

Would you help us with other projects like supplying food for our Intermezzo/Concert fall retreat? Or feeding all our One Voice singers and directors?

The Parent Support Group will often reach out to you by email to sign up for these projects or help on concert days.

The Parent Support Group often meets on Monday nights during rehearsal. Email the PSG leaders at Nora Gile or “Dr. Bruce” Goldberg