Our Alumni

AJ Ackleson- Shenandoah ’10 (music theater)

Kelly Barnett- NIU '09 (public health)

Clarke Blackham- BYU '13

Sarah Blankenship- Hope College '06; Cleveland State Univ. '10 (music education). Sarah is married and lives in Ohio where she teaches music in the Riverside schools.

Jenny Booth- North Park College '05 (psychology.) Jenny is engaged and works for Junior Achievement of Chicago as manager of development and marketing.

Bridget Borth- Carthage ’06 (English, communication & digital media). Bridget went to New York to do an internship with Armani and never came home. She now works in sales (wholesale) for Jil Sander and travels to Milan 4 times a year for work.

Anna Bradbury- Marquette ’09 (public relations/advertising). Anna lives in Milwaukee working for H2D Integrated Marketing Communications.

Brenna Bradbury- Milikin ’07 (theater and dance). Brenna lives in New York City and since graduation has worked steadily in professional theater.

Kate Braden- DePaul ’10 (organizational communication, I/O psychology)

Mindy Brandt- Butler ’10 (marketing, Spanish). Mindy studied in Chile!

Carolyn Breit- Boston U ’06 (international relations, French language and literature); Sciences Po Paris ’08 (international political economics, international relations); London School of Economics ’09 (international political economy). Carolyn has lived in Paris and London for her graduate school degrees and has traveled throughout Europe.

Kim Butler- Illinois Wesleyan University ‘06 (biology & Hispanic studies). Kim is currently living in Milwaukee, working at Aurora Health Care as a rehab aide and at the Sixteenth Street Community Health Center [where she served with Americorps for 2 years] as a medical assistant and medical assistance advocate. She is currently taking classes at UWM in preparation for graduate school to become a physician’s assistant.

A.J. Christensen- Griffith University ’07 (film production and effects); U of I ’09 (computer science). A.J. is currently living in Champaign working for the National Center for Supercomputing Applications.

Erik Christensen- Belmont ’12 (musical theatre). Erik’s summer job is working as a singer/dancer/emcee at Great America.

Erin Cox- Indiana ’13 (biology).

Melissa Davis- U of I ’09 (Spanish, chemistry); UIC ’13 (DDS dentistry). Melissa hopes to become an orthodontist.

Erin Donnelly- Boston Conservatory of Music ’06 (vocal performance). Erin currently lives in Minneapolis working as a nanny and begins basic training in the Navy in January 2010.

Kim Duncan- Lawrence [WI], ’07 (music performance, English). Kim currently works for Liberty Mutual.

Emily Fetcho- Butler ’09 (music education). Emily is teaching 5th and 6th grade general music at Westfield Middle School, Westfield, IN

Lori Fimoff- Northwestern ’10 (theatre, French)

Rachel Flamm- Carleton College '07 (music, German). Rachel is a tour manager with ACFEA Tour Consultants where she plans performance tours for choirs, bands and orchestras. She lives in Seattle (when she isn't traveling) and sings with the Northwest Chamber Chorus.

Danielle Floberg- U of I ’11 (vocal performance/opera). “Yes, I’m an opera singer!”

Jenny Franz- U of I ’09 (speech & hearing science, music). Jenny is a sacristan at St. John’s Catholic Chapel.

Kara Freiburger- ISU ’12. Kara wants to be a wedding planner.

Tom Frey- SIU Carbondale ’10 (cinema)

Jaclyn Friedlander- Jaclyn graduated from an acting conservatory in New York City and is currently a working actor in Los Angeles. And yes, we’ve seen her on TV!

Melody Gerber- Grand Valley State ’10 (accounting and taxation)

Leslie Goldberg- U of I ’10 (music education). Leslie performed with No Strings Attached, an a cappella jazz ensemble, for 4 years at U of I.

Debbie Janowski- Illinois State ’11 (special education)

Lisa Janowski- Bradley ’12 (elementary education)

Kristin Jarrell- U of I '05 (music education); UIC (doctor of pharmacy). Kristin taught junior high music, then decided to become a pharmacist. While she's in graduate school, she continues to teach and is a well-known ballroom dance instructor throughout the Chicago area.

Amber Johnson- Illinois State ’11 (music therapy, business)

Tim Johnston- Loyola ’07. Before starting his PhD at Stony Brook University on Long Island NY, Tim taught English in Japan for 2 years.

Andi Kauth- Columbia College '12 (poetry). Andi is a well-known poet and often participates in poetry slams.

Ryan Kelly, PCC 1990 - 1993, under the direction of Judy Hays. While with PCC, Ryan had the opportunity to sing at Ravinia with the Chicago Symphony, Symphony Chorus, soloist Bryn Terfel, and conductor James Levine in a performance of Mahler's Eighth Symphony. Ryan also became a member of PCC's Advanced Chorus (what is now called the Honors Choir). Ryan has degrees in music from Houston Baptist University and the University of Oklahoma. From 2004-2009, Ryan taught as director of choral activities at Kilgore College in Kilgore, TX and was chorus master for Opera East Texas. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in music arts in choral conducting from Michigan State University and is the artistic director for the Holland Chorale in Holland, MI.

Kate Lambie- Moody Bible Institute ’06; Concordia Chicago ’10 (community counseling)

Edie Langer- Manatee Community College ’08 (math education, music education); Florida Gulf Coast Univ ’11

Brittany Lewin- Marquette ’12 (biomedical sciences)

Kate Love- Northwestern ’06 (communication sciences and disorders); Univ of York (UK) ’08, (language and linguistic science)

Kris Love- Illinois Wesleyan ’06 (music). Kris served in Ukraine with the Peace Corps and currently works for Kendle International as a project assistant.

Christina Lundberg- Columbia College (theatre). Christina is married and works for MetLife.

Michayla Marks- Liberty Univ DLP ’10 (psychology, Christian counseling). Michayla is engaged and works for Awana International as a production assistant.

Nicole Metsig- Azuza Pacific [CA] ’07 (theatre arts). Nicole is married to Brian Silver.

Mark Mosias- Ball State ’12 (elementary education)

Anna Novikova- Knox College '13. Anna served as a page in the U.S. House of Representatives during the Fall 2007 Congressional session

Mary O'Neil- American Musical and Dramatic Academy '05 (musical theatre). Mary now lives and works in Los Angeles.

Megan Orlando- Monmouth College ’05 (elementary education); Concordia Univ ’08 (curriculum and instruction). Megan teaches 1st/2nd grades at Cambridge Lakes Charter School.

Amy Pfister- Illinois Wesleyan ’11 (music education)

Danika Prochaska- Michigan ’11 (pre-med, biopsychology)

Jamie Ramsden- Monmouth College ’03 (elementary education/English); St. Francis Univ ’10 (literacy). Jamie is married to Kevin Trow and is teaching 6th grade in Crystal Lake.

Katie Regensberger- Suffolk College ’09 (political science, European history, German studies); Suffolk ’10 (political science, international relations); Vienna University; NYU in London (political science). Katie has worked for the Massachusetts Republican Party and interned for John Bercow, Member of Parliament, in London.

Heather Richardson- Illinois State ’08 (music, psychology); Illinois State ’10 (theraputic recreation)

Kayla Richardson- ISU ’13 (special education-learning and behavior, special education-low vision and blindness)

Melissa Ridgeway- NIU ’06 (political science, public law); NIU ’08 (politics & life sciences, American government). Melissa works for Safe Passage as a legal advocate for battered women.

Alisa Riskus- U of I ’06 (mechanical engineering); Colorado University ’11 (mechanical engineering/bioengineering). Alisa is married to Nasser Grainawi and they have a son, Ronan.

Rachel Rosellini- Illinois Wesleyan ’05 (music education); Capital Univ ’09 (music education, Kodaly emphasis). Rachel is teaching music in Barrington and also works as a tech at Cutting Hall.

Michelle Sawicki- U of I ’08 (Spanish, secondary education); U of I (Teacher Leadership). Michelle teaches Spanish and coaches poms in Vernon Hills.

Katelyn Schroeder- Michigan State '12

Kate Schwarz- Columbia College ’11 (musical theatre); Milikin ’11 (acting).

Jessica Surprenant- ISU '07 (special ed). Jessica currently teaches at Barrington High School as an LD/BD specialist.

Lindsay Thomas- Indiana U ’06 (theatre and drama, English). Lindsey is married and lives in New York.

Kristi Thorsell- Purdue ’10 (chemistry/biochemistry, political science)

Lisa Umeno- U of I '12

Mariel Unverricht- U of I ‘07 (English)

Tom Vendafreddo- Univ of Rochester, Eastman School of Music ’08 (music education/vocal performance). Tom is teaching music at Community High School District 117, Lake Villa IL and will appear in Pump Boys & Dinettes at the Metropolis Theatre, Arlington Heights, fall ’09.

Emily Wang- U of I ’08. Emily works for State Farm Insurance.

Danny Weiss- Princeton ’12

Kelly Wiggen- Knox ’11 (biology)

Kevin Winters- Eastern Ill University ’11 (elementary education)

Melody Wolf- Lincoln ’08 (early childhood education); Judson College ‘10

Brian Wongkamalasai- Columbia College ’12 (audio arts, acoustics). Brian works for Willow Creek Church and Sunshine Gospel Ministries as Bridge Builders Coordinator.

Becca Young- U of Richmond ’11 (anthropology, international studies)

Andrew Zhao- Maryland ’09 (operations management). Andrew hopes to work at Maryland Medical Hospital for a year, then return to the Midwest and go to school to become a youth pastor.

Kathleen Zeman- Illinois Wesleyan ’11 (elementary education, Spanish). Kathleen spent a year in Spain.