20 More Primary Care Practices To Join CSI-RI

A statewide effort to link more Rhode Islanders with primary care is expanding. The effort is called the Chronic Care Sustainability Initiative, or CSI. CSI promotes the patient-centered medical home model of health care. In a patient centered medical home, a team of health care professionals coordinates a patient’s care. It’s especially helpful for patients with chronic illnesses, although anyone can join.

36 primary care practices are currently enrolled in the initiative. And CSI says it plans to add 20 more this year. That would give more than 300,000 Rhode Islanders access to a patient centered medical home, according to CSI officials. If you’re not already in one of those practices, the state’s online health insurance exchange, HealthSource RI, has an incentive to join one. It offers a health insurance plan with lower co-pays for patients who choose patient-centered medical homes.

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