Experts Dive Into Realities of Patient-Centered Medical Homes

FP Shares Pros, Cons of His PCMH Journey

In a climate of high expectations for the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model, a panel of experts recently cautioned that results such as improved patient health outcomes and reduced care costs won’t happen overnight. For the new care delivery model to work, physician practices should be prepared to devote the necessary time and resources to ensure it succeeds.

On May 30, the Alliance for Health Reform hosted an event( titled “Patient-Centered Medical Homes: The Promise and the Reality” here. The event attracted a large crowd of legislative staff members and others with ties to the medical profession.

Among proponents, there is a general anticipation that PCMHs have the potential to boost care quality and reduce both hospital costs and overall health costs. But because understanding about their impact is still limited, a single article reporting less-than-stellar research findings can sidetrack the discussion. It’s essential to realize, however, that just as the transformation process itself can’t reasonably be accomplished in a matter of weeks – and possibly even longer – the results of that transformation won’t become evident right away.

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