Zumbro Valley Health Center Earns Health Care Home Certification from Dept. of Health

Zumbro Valley Health Center today announced it has earned Health Care Home Certification from the Minnesota Dept. of Health. This certification is the first of its kind for a mental health facility in the state of Minnesota. “We are very excited to receive Health Care Home Certification from the Dept. of Health,” said chief executive officer Dave Cook, LICSW, MSW.

“By achieving this certification, we have demonstrated the organization's commitment to the integration and coordination of primary care and behavioral health care services which allows us to better meet the needs of the people we serve."

Zumbro Valley Health Center underwent a rigorous application process and on-site survey on May 19. During the review, Dept. of Health surveyors evaluated compliance with standards related to key concepts of person-centered health care to support recovery and resilience philosophies. "Zumbro Valley Health Center has demonstrated its ability to provide treatment that addresses the health needs of the whole person, which is designed to improve overall satisfaction with the care experience,” said Bonnie LaPlante, MA, PHN, BSN, interim director of health care homes, for the Minnesota Dept. of Health.

Cook indicated this certification continues the organization's focus on integrating medical and behavioral health services for the region's under-served populations. "Since launching our primary care clinic, we have worked with nearly 200 people with comorbid conditions," said Cook. "A number of these individuals have significant medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or obesity along with their mental illness or addiction diagnoses."

Health Care Homes were developed as part of Minnesota's health reform legislation in May 2008. They utilize a team-based approach in which providers, families and patients work in partnership to improve the health outcomes and quality of life for those individuals diagnosed with chronic health conditions.

As a certified Health Care Home, Zumbro Valley Health Center will provide integrated care services to individuals diagnosed with one or more major chronic conditions. This includes care coordination services to enhance each individual's well-being by organizing timely access to resources and necessary services to ensure continuity of care.

"Our staff works to continuously better meet the needs of the clients we care for," said Cook. "The goal of this new Health Care Home is for each client to improve their overall care and help them stay well." Cook added there is no additional cost for this care, and staff have begun speaking with clients who are eligible for Health Care Home services.

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