10 Tips to Reduce Poor Quality Healthcare, Unjustified Care Costs

In terms of the "bang for the buck" or what one gets for the amount spent (read: invested), the United States pales in comparison to other countries. And, the disparities are particularly poignant when it comes to the egalitarian treatment of patients from all strata (in other words, universal accessibility), and best achievable heath status (i.e., benefit).

This blog contends that cure for the ills of healthcare lies within our grasp. It's called "managed care," which simply means care that is efficient and effective. But, that cure requires that one is able to use data analytics, which, in turn, relies on being able to answer the following three questions: In the health plan or system 1) What works? 2) What does not? 3) And, are patients getting what they need, i.e., the right care at the right time and place?

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