Stakeholders Propose 4 MACRA Physician-Focused Payment Models

Stakeholders submitted four MACRA Physician-Focused Payment models for Quality Payment Program alternative payment model consideration.
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MACRA’s Quality Payment Program offers 5 percent maximum incentive payments if eligible clinicians sufficiently participate in an Advanced Alternative Payment Model (APM) from 2017 to 2022. But many specialists are still waiting for CMS to develop and approve more specialty-specific Advanced APMs so they can reap the financial rewards.

Some healthcare stakeholders expressed disappointment that the final MACRA implementation did not contain more Advanced APM options. The American Hospital Association, one of those stakeholders, voiced concern “that CMS continues to narrowly define Advanced Alternative Payment Models, which means that less than ten percent of clinicians will be rewarded for their care transformation efforts.”

Fortunately for eligible clinicians, CMS committed to expanding Advanced APM opportunities as the Quality Payment Program matures. The federal agency also called on providers and stakeholders to help them....

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