Innovaccer Releases Research Insights to Help Healthcare Organizations Battle the COVID-19 Pandemic

Innovaccer uncovers insights from 1,000 healthcare executives to devise strategies for providers to better manage the pandemic and build a foundation for the post-COVID era

SAN FRANCISCO, June 12, 2020 -- Innovaccer, Inc., a leading healthcare technology company [and a PCC Executive Member] released its research-based report, titled "What COVID-19 Means to American Healthcare: Trends, Impacts, Predictions, and the Road Ahead." The report reviews the shortcomings that COVID-19 uncovered in the American healthcare system and predicts near-term utilization projections for healthcare resources. Authored by Paul Grundy, MD, MPH, FACOEM, FACPM, the Founding President of the Primary Care Collaborative (PCC), the report explores the usage of virtual care and telemedicine IT solutions that emerged during this unprecedented outbreak.

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