Biden Lays Out New Vaccination Path

President warns of Delta variant threat, outlines targeted methods to boost jab numbers

The president said that his administration will be working throughout the summer to "wind down" mass vaccination sites, while increasing vaccine access and uptake in a more targeted way, focusing on five key strategies:

  • Implementing a "door-to-door" education campaign to help inform Americans about the vaccine's safety and affordability
  • Renewing efforts to bring vaccines to more primary care doctors, family doctors, and other healthcare providers' offices, as well as supporting walk-in vaccination in pharmacies
  • Strengthening its approach to getting vaccines into the hands of pediatricians and other providers serving young people during "back-to-school" check-ups and physicals required for fall sports
  • Continuing to make the vaccine available to workers by launching vaccine clinics at work sites, or helping employers to offer paid time-off for employees to get vaccinated at a nearby facility
  • Expanding the number of mobile clinics at festivals, sporting events, and places of worship
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