Doctors and nurses worldwide point to roadmap to future-proof healthcare

Elsevier Health’s first “Clinician of the Future” global report reveals current pain points, predictions for the future and how the industry can come together to address gaps
New York, March 15, 2022--Thousands of doctors and nurses from across the globe reveal what is needed to fill gaps and future-proof today’s healthcare system in a new report from Elsevier Health. Published two years after the COVID-19 pandemic began, the comprehensive “Clinician of the Future” report, conducted in partnership with Ipsos, uncovers just how undervalued doctors and nurses feel, and their call for urgent support such as more skills training — especially in the effective use of health data and technology; preserving the patient-doctor relationship in a changing digital world; and recruiting more healthcare professionals into the field.
Their voices have been elevated in this first global, multiphase research report to not only understand where the healthcare system is following the COVID-19 pandemic, but where it needs to be in 10 years to ensure a future that both providers and patients deserve.
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