As State Legislators Gather, PCC Launches New Primary Care Investment Information Hub

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As State Legislators Gather, PCC Launches New Primary Care Investment Information Hub 

January 17, 2023 (Washington, D.C.)- With state legislatures gaveling in across the country, the Primary Care Collaborative (PCC), with support from the Milbank Memorial Fund, launched a new web-based State Primary Care Investment Hub - a collection of information and analysis to help state care advocates, researchers, and officials reorient their states’ health systems towards primary care. 

The site’s new searchable web tool includes a growing number of states – 8 coming online in 2022 and now numbering nearly two out of five -- that have recently passed legislation or taken administrative action to measure and/or enhance primary care investment. PCC, a nationwide, multi-stakeholder non-profit, non-partisan membership organization, sees an opportunity for further progress in state Capitols. As recently as 2018, just two states had passed such legislation, Oregon and Rhode Island. 

“Evidence from a 2021 National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine report makes it crystal clear: primary care is the only part of the health system where more investment results in better population health and more equity,” said Ann Greiner, President & CEO of the Primary Care Collaborative. “State policymakers that invest in primary care are investing in an evidence-based solution to many of their and our current health care challenges.”  

The new web tool, available through PCC’s homepage, will act as a hub for policymakers, advocates, researchers, and primary care providers, with access to original PCC research, published primary care investment reports from states, and updates on legislation introduced around the country. PCC also organizes regular calls with stakeholders and policymakers on this issue. 

For primary care practices and communities buffeted by overlapping epidemics, recent state-level progress is welcome, according to PCC Director of Policy, Larry McNeely. “2023 will bring new momentum if states look at the evidence. They will find that primary care is foundational to health in all communities It is an exciting time for primary care investment.” 

Advocates and state officials alike can access this tool and all the information about this growing trend --- embraced by blue and red states alike:   

Accessing information about primary care has never been easier or faster! Scan here:  

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