PCC President and CEO Ann Greiner Praises MedPAC Recommendation to Invest in Primary Care Safety Net

Statement by Primary Care Collaborative President and CEO Ann Greiner regarding the March 2023 MedPAC Report to Congress.  The report recommends that Congress establish a 15% add-on payment for safety-net primary care clinicians in Medicare along with a 5% add-on payment for safety-net specialists

“Our health relies on an ongoing relationship with primary care – the kind of whole-person relationship too many of us just aren’t getting. That’s why Congress must heed MedPAC’s call to strengthen the primary care safety net – and quickly.”

 “MedPAC’s proposals can help stabilize primary care practices and communities buffeted by underinvestment and enable more of them to move toward new delivery and payment models. But additional resources for the primary care safety net are necessary but insufficient. Policymakers must act boldly to change how and how much we invest in primary care in every community because our health depends on it.”

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