Minnesota Moves to Assess Primary Care Investment, Bolster Integrated Care

On the final day of its 2023 Legislative Session, the Minnesota Legislature passed omnibus health legislation that would require a report on the proportion of total health care dollars invested in primary care. The bill also launches new primary care training and loan forgiveness programs and invests in primary care-behavioral health integration.

Recent research, including PCC’s 2022 Evidence Report and the new Health of US Primary Care Scorecard, have tracked significant gaps in access to a usual source of care and primary care investment in Minnesota and across the country.

Minnesota now becomes the 21st state to take administrative or legislative action to measure primary care spend.  PCC’s online State Primary Care Investment Hub, launched last year with support from the Milbank Memorial Fund, tracks this growing movement, and provides resources for researchers and advocates concerned with primary care.

PCC offers its heartiest congratulations to Minnesota’s primary care advocates on this important step forward!

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