Quality Care: Getting More Bang for the Buck?

Alliance for Health Reform & The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Friday Nov 15, 2013 12:15 pm to 02:00 pm EST
United States

Health care policy leaders are counting on public and private initiatives, such as paying for performance, to improve value in the health care equation in which cost and quality at times seem to be at odds.

Health care costs are high and quality outcomes are low in several metrics, compared to other developed nations. And, studies have shown that costs vary among states and within states, and that regions with higher costs do not necessarily have higher quality.

This event, sponsored by the nonpartisan Alliance for Health Reform and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, will address key questions.

Is it possible to improve quality while lowering costs? Does engaging consumers in their health care decisions improve outcomes? Does it lower costs? What has the Choosing Wisely campaign demonstrated regarding value-based care? Are Medicare innovations leading us toward greater efficiency in health care delivery?

Speakers Include:

Don Detmer, professor of public health sciences, University of Virginia School of Medicine, and a member of the Institute of Medicine, will provide an historical perspective of IOM reports and recommendations regarding quality of care in the U.S.

Richard Baron, president and CEO, American Board of Internal Medicine, will highlight the workings and findings of the Choosing Wisely campaign, an evidence-based approach to discouraging ineffective treatments.

Jennifer Sweeney, director of consumer engagement and community outreach, National Partnership for Women and Families, will focus on patient engagement issues and consumer concerns.

Robert Berenson, senior fellow at the Urban Institute, will discuss the challenges of measuring quality, and whether current initiatives can deliver on the promise of improving quality while cutting costs.

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