PCPCC Executive Member Workshop: Investing in Primary Care – Advancing a National Strategy


Friday Nov 9, 2018 08:00 am EST
Capital Hilton
Washington, DC
United States
Immediately following the Annual Conference, PCPCC will host a workshop to raise the visibility and build the case for increasing the investment in primary care in states and nationally to improve health care quality and affordability. Primary care typically makes up a relatively low proportion – approximately 5-8 percent of total health care spending in the U.S.  Outside of the primary care community, policy leaders are generally uninformed about the level of under-investment in primary care.

Action is needed to raise the visibility and build support for investing in primary care; creating standard measures and processes to measure primary care spending; and increase the investment in primary care spending through alternative payment models.  Currently, two states (Rhode Island and Oregon) have made explicit commitments to measure and increase their investment in primary care, and two additional states (California and Colorado) have introduced legislation to do so.

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Goals for the Workshop

  1. Gain consensus about key national policy strategies to implement in 2019 under a new Congress and within states that would support the vision of increasing primary care investments.
  2. Identify key organizations and partners to lead such strategies.
  3. Identify action steps for workshop participants to continue moving this effort forward in a way that supports multi-sector collaboration.
  4. Detail timelines and related success metrics for advancing the agenda to measure and increase primary care investments.

You may sign up for the Primary Care Investment Workshop when you register for the conference as an Executive Member.

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