Quality Talks

Monday Oct 22, 2018 08:00 am EDT
Washington, DC
United States

This isn’t your ordinary health care discussion. Quality Talks is a series of stirring, succinct talks by current and emerging health care leaders with ideas about how we can collaboratively improve American health care. In addition to the dynamic and thought-provoking speakers, the event features interactive dialogue among all attendees about advancing the health care system and improving patient care.

Quality Talks began in 2015 as part of NCQA’s 25th Anniversary and grew so successfully that NCQA made it an annual event. In 2016, this sold-out event was held at a larger venue which enabled us to reach an even wider audience. We hope to continue in 2018 with thought-provoking speakers and continuing the Quality Talks health care discussion.

The Goal
NCQA wants to look ahead through the eyes of tomorrow’s leaders, who are inspiring the future of American health care. The Quality Talks are meant to inspire action to tackle the real and pressing problems in our health care system, and to dismantle barriers to a better future.

The Format
Far from a conventional conference, this event follows a “TED”-style format. That means the talks are shorter, compelling, memorable and novel in nature. Expect to leave this event hearing something you haven’t heard before.

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