IHI Summit on Improving Patient Care

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Thursday Apr 11, 2019 12:00 pm EDT to Saturday Apr 13, 2019 08:00 pm EDT
San Francisco, CA
United States

​​​​​The IHI Summit on Improving Patient Care is the destination for health care professionals committed to transforming primary care. It combines practical instruction with rejuvenating inspiration. You will leave equipped and eager to make changes that improve the lives of patients.

Make Connections



  • ​Meet health care professionals in all fields and care settings
  • Break down barriers within fragmented health care systems
  • Build partnerships with other specialties and sectors 

See How It’s Done

  • Gain practical tools and tips at 30+ presentations
  • Hear about best-in-class examples
  • Learn to apply improvement science in your daily work 

Transform Care

  • See the care experience through the patient’s eyes
  • Foster a workforce culture defined by joy and collaboration
  • ​​Leave with the skills and vision to focus care on the whole person​
​​Continue your commitment to improving the lives of patients. Join us from April 11–13, 2019*, in San Francisco, CA.

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