Webinar: C-TAC Policy Updates & the 2018 Midterm Election Results

Coalition to Transform Advanced Care

Monday Nov 19, 2018 12:00 pm EST
United States

During the recent midterm elections, the power structure in Washington shifted. In the Senate, Republicans will maintain control and will gain seats; in the House, Democrats will have a thin majority in the 116th Congress. We are pleased to report that the bipartisan Members of Congress supportive of our policy priorities either were not up for re-election or maintained their seats. We congratulate them on their victories.

Going into the next Congress, health care will likely be a central focus. C-TAC will be working closely with a bipartisan group of congressional members to ensure that our priorities – payment for advanced illness care services, workforce development, public engagement, and more – are a key component of these health care legislative efforts.

Join us for a discussion that will explore the midterm election results and their implications for the advanced care movement.


- Andrew MacPherson, Senior Policy Advisor,  C-TAC
- Marian Grant, Senior Regulatory Advisor, C-TAC

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