Procuring Interoperability

Achieving High-Quality, Connected and Person-Centered Care

National Academy of Medicine

Wednesday Feb 20, 2019 01:00 pm EST
United States

Realizing the promise of digital technology will depend on the ability to share information across time and space from multiple devices, sources, systems, and organizations. The major barrier to progress is not technical; rather, it is in the failure of organizational demand and purchasing requirements. In contrast to many other industries, the purchasers of health care technologies have not marshaled their purchasing power to drive interoperability as a key requirement. Better procurement practices, supported by compatible interoperability platforms and architecture, will allow for better, safer patient care; reduced administrative workload for clinicians; protection from cybersecurity attacks; and significant financial savings across multiple markets.

Join the NAM for a two-hour webinar where field leaders will discuss why interoperability is critical to the future of health care, the Special Publication’s proposal of a roadmap for using procurement specifications to engage those steps, and how all health care system stakeholders can accelerate progress in achieving system-wide interoperability.

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