Involving Patients and Families as Quality Improvement Partners


Thursday Jun 27, 2019 04:00 pm to 04:45 pm EDT
United States

Many organizations are responding to external pressures to transform the delivery of care and increase its value proposition. Quality improvement is ramping up. How can you ensure changes are an improvement from the patient perspective?  This webinar shares a framework that is useful to organizations exploring ways to engage patient and family advisors as quality improvement partners. Examples of successful collaborations in the ambulatory setting and key steps to ensure success will be highlighted including the positive results achieved. 

Upon completion of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify ways patient and family can participate in quality improvement efforts in an ambulatory setting
  • Explore common challenges experienced with new partnerships
  • Describe best practice strategies to support meaningful and successful QI collaborations  
  • Explore benefits and positive outcomes gained by both advisors and the practices

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