Creating Ecosystems of Health Symposium Series

Equipping the Next Generation
Wednesday Jul 21, 2021 11:00 am to 06:00 pm EDT
United States
In an effort to advance lifestyle medicine at a systems level, the American College of Lifestyle Medicine is offering two one-day virtual symposia that address the integration of health restoration into health systems and academic settings.

Lifestyle Medicine in Academia Symposium: Equipping the Next Generation 

Join us for a one-day symposium as we discuss how leading academic institutions and faculty members are incorporating lifestyle medicine curriculum in their academic settings. Event attendees will receive tailored education and support as presenters highlight pathways, curricula, tools and resources for the implementation of lifestyle medicine education across the entire academic spectrum. We encourage faculty, administration, deans, program directors and academicians working in bachelor, master and doctoral health professional programs, to undergraduate medical education (UME), and graduate medical education (GME) to attend this event to meet your goals of implementing Lifestyle Medicine curriculum in your setting.

Learning Objectives:

Review the current status and advancements in Lifestyle Medicine academic education. 

  • Highlight the successes and lessons learned from academic institutions leading in Lifestyle Medicine implementation. 
  • Discuss opportunities for academic institutions to incorporate lifestyle medicine at various levels of engagement. 
  • Demonstrate opportunities to implement high quality culinary medicine curriculum within preprofessional and medical education.  
  • Evaluate opportunities for academic institutions to create and enhance effective community and multidisciplinary engagement.  
  • Provide lifestyle medicine education guidance, tools, resources and individualized/customized support to attendees. 
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