February webinar: How Can Telehealth Support Integrated Mind-Body Care?

Primary Care Collaborative

Thursday Feb 24, 2022 02:00 pm to 03:00 pm EST
United States

“Integrated” is one of the Shared Principles of Primary Care—the idea that primary care more fully addresses the whole patient and the spectrum of issues they bring. Bringing together medical and behavioral health care is a common step toward integration, and technology is an increasingly useful tool to further integration. During the COVID pandemic, patient mental health needs and substance use disorders have mushroomed. Primary care is helping fill this need, and many clinicians are leveraging telehealth to do so. In this webinar, hear from practitioners who are carrying out integration of mind and body care using technology—what works and what doesn’t. We’ll explore the various aspects of integration, how patients and clinicians benefit, payment implications, practice management and more.

Cost: free
The webinar will be recorded and available on PCC's website within 24 hours following the conclusion of the webinar.

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"United Physicians finds success with telepsychiatry for virtual collaborative care," article in Healthcare IT News, October 04, 2021. This article is about United Physicians, based in Bingham Farms, Michigan, a primary care practice that one of this webinar's speakers (Dr. Kim Coleman) is the Chief Medical Officer for.

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