Is Fee-for-Service Compatible with Comprehensive Primary Care?

Thursday May 2, 2024 11:04 am EDT
United States
Is Fee-for-Service Compatible with Comprehensive PRimary Care? 1:00 PM ET, May 28, 2024

Join the Primary Care Collaborative for a conversation on whether primary care can meet patients’ increasingly complex needs under fee for service — and what steps policymakers must take to ensure access to high-quality primary care.

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In a recent Senate hearing, Dr. Amol Navathe noted that “the status quo fee-for-service system is a key factor in producing [care] fragmentation” and called for providing primary care practices steady monthly pay in addition to certain fee-for-service payments to “unshackle” practices from a system that requires billing for every task. He observed that more well-intended billing codes are producing more administrative complexity and costs, and the codes are consequently underutilized. New research on Medicare transitional care and chronic care codes confirms that many beneficiaries who could benefit from these services are not receiving them.

This webinar brings leading primary care practitioners, practice enabler organizations, and policy experts, including from AARP, together to discuss how we ensure that all of Medicare—traditional Medicare, Medicare alternative payment models such as ACOs, and Medicare Advantage—all promote coordinated, comprehensive primary care.

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