American Psychiatric Association Foundation

We are on the verge of a national break-through in mental health awareness.

People see the profound impact of mental health on their lives, families and communities. Through the American Psychiatric Association Foundation's community-based programs, fellowships, awards and grants, we address critical mental health needs and direct resources where they are needed most. All of our initiatives focus on one goal:

A mentally healthy nation for all.

Success is not simple, straightforward or sudden. Medical science, public education and dedication drive our vision of national awareness, personalized treatment and compassion. As the charitable foundation of the American Psychiatric Association, we:

  • Raise awareness and overcome barriers.
  • Invest in the future leaders of psychiatry.
  • Support research and training to improve mental health care.
  • Lead partnerships to address public challenges in mental health.

With the backing of the APA, the world's leading psychiatric organization, our efforts are strengthened by research and designed to achieve results ensuring that we're making real impact, every step of the way.

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May 2018
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