GTMRx Institute

The GTMRx Institute:

Vision: to enhance life by ensuring appropriate and personalized use of medication and gene therapies.

Mission: to bring critical stakeholders together, bound by the urgent need to optimize outcomes and reduce costs by getting the medications right.

The GTMRx Institute's goal is to ensure appropriate and personalized use of medication and gene therapies by advancing to a scientific, evidence-based and cost-effective decision-making process and a team-based, systematic approach to medication use.

We believe this will offer consumers a personalized approach to medication use. For those who pay for care, it will create a reduction in total cost of care—saving lives and saving money.

The GTMRx Institute sponsors and supports multi-stakeholder activities that will encourage practice transformation, create pathways for dissemination of evidence and innovation and encourage payment and policy reform in order to:

  1. Advance acceptance and recognition by providers and payors (to include employers) of the importance of creating a systematic, evidence-based approach to medications and their rational use. We believe that this is an important long-term solution, saving lives and money. A March 2018 article co-authored by GTMRx Distinguished Fellows and leadership calls for comprehensive medication management (CMM) as a solution showing a $528 billion savings opportunity. See the study here. 
  2. Engage physicians, clinical pharmacists and other team members who share a complete commitment to medication optimization by providing tools, data, practice standards and implementation resources to advance their ability to optimize medication use in their own settings.
  3. Educate and inform patient groups, Congress, CMS and payors (to include national health systems such as the VA). This requires recognition of the importance of leveraging technology to support CMM and encouraging practice, payment, and policies to enable the move to precision/personalized medication management, including access to and successful integration of diagnostics with clinical pharmacists and genetic counseling services to optimize care.
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May 2022
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