MedNetOne Health Solutions

Originally named Medical Network One and founded as a traditional Physicians Organization in 1981, MedNetOne Health Solutions offers a broad array of infrastructure, technology and clinical services to independent physician practices, mid-level providers, behavioral health professionals and chiropractors who are focused on successfully transitioning to fully integrated, population-based, patient-centric practices that meet health reform mandates.

MNOHS is actively engaged in developing and implementing care management strategies and multidisciplinary team care, with a special focus on providing whole person care to individuals with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, depression, chronic pain, ADD/ADHD and asthma. MNOHS is the first physician-based organization in Michigan to actively pursue and contract with community agency organizations to provide access to a broad network of community care services.

Read the member profile of MedNetOne that was published in the summer 2021 newsletter.

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January 2017
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