National Association of ACOs

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) offer enormous opportunity for patients and providers to work together to achieve enhanced quality of care, reduced costs and improved health outcomes. As a market-based solution, ACOs rely on groups of physicians, hospitals, and other providers voluntarily collaborating to achieve these important goals. As of 2017, there are 525 Medicare ACOs serving more than 10 million beneficiaries with hundreds more commercial and Medicaid ACOs serving millions of additional patients. The accountable care model has a long history of bipartisan support, starting with the Physician Group Practice Demonstration Program passed under President George W. Bush’s administration in 2000 and further expanded under President Obama’s administration. ACOs are proving to be one of the most promising solutions to bend the cost curve and provide high-quality patient care and are a premier payment model in the shift to value-based care.

ACO's from around the country came together to form NAACOS with the following mission:

·         Foster growth of ACO models of care;

·         Participate with federal agencies in development and implementation of public policy;

·         Provide industry-wide uniformity on quality and performance measures;

·         Educate members in clinical and operational best practices;

·         Collectively engage the vendor community, and

·         Educate the public about the value of accountable care.

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June 2015
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