Oak Street Health

Oak Street Health focuses on care of Medicare patients and seniors. Founded in 2012, Oak Street Health is a network of value-based primary care centers - currently more than 100 across 19 states. Its website states: "With a mission of rebuilding healthcare as it should be, the company operates an innovative healthcare model focused on quality of care over volume of services, and assumes the full financial risk of its patients." Oak Street Health is the only primary care network to carry the AARP name.

Oak Street Health provides its patients with quality time with their clinician in-person or via telehealth visits; a 24/7 patient support line; individualized, preventive care plans; and access to transportation to and from the center for eligible patients. Additional services, such as behavioral health care, social health support and Medicare education classes, are also offered to help older adults meet their unique needs in one convenient location.

The company’s headquarters are in Chicago.



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December 2021
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