Evaluation of the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus Initiative (CPC+)

First Annual Report

CPC+ is the largest and most ambitious primary care payment and delivery reform ever tested in the United States.

Primary care practices are transforming across five care delivery functions: (1) access and continuity, (2) care management, (3) comprehensiveness and coordination, (4) patient and caregiver engagement, and (5) planned care and population health.
CPC+ practices are split evenly into two practice tracks, with incrementally advanced care delivery requirements and payment options to meet the diverse needs of primary care practices across the country.

To bolster support for practices, CMS partnered with 79 public and private payers across 18 CPC+ regions. CMS and other payers provide CPC+ practices with enhanced and alternative payments, data feedback, and learning activities. Health information technology (IT) vendors also partnered with CPC+ practices to help them use health IT to improve primary care.

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