PCC Submits Primary Care Policy Priorities to Incoming Biden Administration

As president-elect Joe Biden and his administration prepare to take office on January 20, PCC has prepared a list of policy priorities in primary care that were submitted to Biden's transition team in late December. In sharing the priorities, PCC said that it "is eager to work with the new administration to ensure a strong primary care foundation to serve Americans both during and after the pandemic. Through its diverse executive membership, PCC is uniquely positioned to convene many of the key stakeholders in primary care to contribute to the president’s vision for healthcare reform and COVID response."

The PCC's priorities for the administration are:

  1. Support primary care’s ability to respond to, and sustain through, the pandemic.
  2. Strengthen CMS payment and delivery reform models.
  3. Advance health equity for patients. 

See the details of these priorities in the full document submitted to the Biden transition team.

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