CMS Health Care Innovation Award (Round 2)


The second round of Health Care Innovation Awards are funding grants to applicants who will implement the most compelling new ideas to deliver better health, improved care and lower costs to people enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), particularly those with the highest health care needs.

The CMS Innovation Center announced the first batch of prospective recipients for the Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two on May 22, 2014 and the second batch on July 9, 2014. The cumulative 39 awards will be implemented in 27 states and the District of Columbia spanning a wide range of patient populations, from children to the elderly, across the care continuum.

PCPCC's PCMH map does not include all Health Care Innovation Award programs; it only includes awardees with a strong foundation of PCMH or enhanced primary care components. 


Payment Model: 

The prospective (not yet final) awards range in value from an expected $2 million to $23.8 million over a three-year period. Each project will be monitored for measurable improvements in quality of care and savings generated.

Other Outcomes: 



Last updated April 2019
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