Integrated Health Homes

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100 W. Randolph, 16-100
Chicago, IL 60601
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Reported Outcomes


In 2018, Illinois's State Plan Amendment was approved to create a Severe Mental Illness (SMI) Health Home. The Integrated Health Home (IHH) program is a new, fully-integrated form of care coordination for all members of the Illinois Medicaid population. Each member in the Medicaid population will be linked to an Integrated Health Home provider based on their level of need and the provider’s ability to meet those needs. The Integrated Health Home will be responsible for care coordination for members across their physical, behavioral, and social care needs. Integrated Health Homes would not, however, be responsible for provision for all services and treatment to members.

Six care delivery improvement goals have been identified for all IHH members:

• Integrated Care Planning and Monitoring

• Physical Health Provider Engagement

• Behavioral Health Provider Engagement

• Supportive Service Engagement

• Member Engagement and Education

• Population Health Management


Payment Model: 

Payments are PMPM, based on tiers

Tier-based payments *
          Child PMPM           19-21 PMPM           Adult PMPM
Tier A      $240                          $240                       $120
Tier B       $80                            $60                         $48
Tier C       $48                            $48                         $48

Last updated February 2019
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