Research & Evidence

Patient-Centered Research to Improve Primary Care

PCC is a national, multi-stakeholder organization that offers a wide-reaching network for rapidly and effectively disseminating patient-centered research results. PCC has the foundation and ability to increase awareness of research and improve the dissemination of research results. This increased awareness and dissemination can drive clinical improvement and policy change, which in turn will help patients and those who care for them make better-informed healthcare choices.

In our makeup as a multi-stakeholder organization, we hope to present results of research in ways that are accessible and relevant to different stakeholders so that they can use them according to their area of work and focus.

In addition to disseminating the research of others that is relevant to primary care, the PCC conducts and disseminates its own research. One regular research product it produces is its annual evidence-based report. You can see the latest PCC report in the link in the sub-menu below.

The resources we highlight and produce can be used in shared decision-making, advocacy and policy work, and transforming clinical practice. When applied correctly, it is our hope that research results will help the primary care community achieve the quadruple aim: better care; better health; lower costs; and greater joy for clinicians and staff in delivery of care.

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