PCORI Engagement Dissemination Initiative

Building the PCPCC Network to Promote High Impact Dissemination and Accelerate Practice and Policy

Pcori Summary

In the past several years, PCC has received awards from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), which works with healthcare stakeholders - patients, caregivers, clinicians, employers, insurers and policymakers - to identify critical research questions and answer them through comparative clinical effectiveness research, or CER, focusing on outcomes important to patients.

PCC's current PCORI project: Bridging the Gap in Primary Care Research

In PCC's previous project supported by a PCORI Engagement Award (described more below), the PCC analyzed the makeup and interests of its diverse audiences with respect to how they wish to receive research information. As a next step to that project, the current project (funded by a Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award - 19760-PCPCC), started in 2021, identifies important primary care patient-centered outcomes research/comparative effectiveness research and health services research results and explores different ways of engaging key stakeholders in disseminating these select, high-impact results.

An overall goal of the project is to bridge research silos within primary care and engage researchers in topics relevant to patients and clinicians.

As a product of this project, in order to implement the project's communication strategy to spread relevant health services and clinical research to the primary care community, PCC has created a resource “hub” on its website. PCC hopes that the research identified and related resources created in this project will effectively guide future primary care research, expedite uptake of evidence-based best practices, help patients and other stakeholders make informed healthcare decisions, including in their use of primary care services, and inform policy makers.

PCC's previous PCORI project

In 2018, PCC received a Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award for a 17-month project to build its infrastructure, capacity and expertise in order to increase awareness and disseminate patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) and clinical effectiveness research (CER) results more broadly, rapidly and effectively.

In that project, PCC:

  • Maximized dissemination of PCOR results by leveraging and expanding PCC’s network of partners
  • Increased awareness and understanding of PCOR efforts and results across PCC’s network
  • Increased timeliness and uptake of PCOR research outcomes by strengthening PCC’s infrastructure for disseminating PCOR results
A project to leverage PCC's strengths

PCC is a national, multi-stakeholder organization that offers a wide-reaching network to rapidly and effectively disseminate PCOR and CER results. PCC has the foundation and ability to increase awareness of PCOR research and improve the dissemination of PCOR and CER results. The aim was for this increased awareness and dissemination to drive clinical improvement and policy change to in turn help PCORI reach its goal to fund research that will help patients and those who care for them make better-informed healthcare choices. 

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