Juliette Schlucter

Juliette Schlucter has more than two decades of experience working with and leading health care professionals in patient- and family-centered care assessment, programming design and implementation.  Juliette came to her work initially as a Family Advisor, following the diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis of her son and newborn daughter 22 years ago. She has consulted on patient- and family-centered topics related to quality, safety, education, research, and outcomes with numerous health care systems and agencies.

Juliette currently leads work at NYU Langone Medical Center as the Director of Child and Family Experience for The Sala Institute for Child and Family-Centered Care and recently served as the Managing Director of Service Excellence for Nemours Pediatric Health Care System. From 1995 through 2010, Juliette provided leadership for hospital-wide implementation of patient- and family-centered care at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. While at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Juliette created and served as lead author of The Promise of Partnership, a toolkit used to teach health care professionals best practice behaviors for patient- and family-centered care.

Since 1996, Juliette has served as Faculty to the IPFCC and is a member of The Institute of Medicine’s advisory committees for patient engagement and shared decision making. She has also served on patient and family-centered education advisory councils for the Accreditation for Graduate Medical Schools and the Association of American Medical Colleges and served on the board of the Association of the Care of Children’s Health.

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