Karen Johnson

Karen S. Johnson, Ph.D. Vice President, Practice Advancement American Academy of Family Physicians Karen is an accomplished leader with experience that spans traditional health care boundaries having worked with employers, plans, providers, and health systems over her 30+ year career. Understanding each of these unique perspectives fuels her work as a translator, bridge-builder and change agent. Her long-standing personal mission is to make healthcare work better for more people at a cost they can afford. Ensuring that primary care is adequately funded, appropriately evaluated, and connected to the broader healthcare ecosystem in a patient-centered manner has been the central focus of these efforts for many years. In her role at the American Academy of Family Physicians, Karen’s teams include the Center for Payment Innovation focused on moving primary care payment toward appropriately funded, prospective models and the Center for Career and Practice with the mission of equipping family physicians to enjoy successful careers in a variety of practice settings and roles.

Authorship and News Mentions

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