Lisa Simon

Dr. Lisa Simon is a Fellow in Oral Health and Medicine Integration at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and a resident in the Internal Medicine Residency program at Brigham and Women's Hospital. She received her dental degree cum laude with honors in global and community health from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and her medical degree magna cum laude with honors in a special field from Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Simon was a contributing author of the PCC's Innovations in Oral Health and Primary Care Integration report.

Dr. Simon has been a part of numerous efforts to enhance oral health integration. She was a core team member for the Nurse Practitioner-Dentist Model for Primary Care and led an initiative to integrate a dental hygienist into the hospital care team for patients with diabetes at Massachusetts General Hospital. As a dentist at the Suffolk County Jail, she founded the dental team that serves as part of the Crimson Care Collaborative (CCC) at the Nashua Street Jail and continues to serve as its attending dentist. She has taught about the importance of oral health to health equity to medical, nursing, and physician assistant students in many of HSDM’s partner institutions as well as practicing clinicians in Massachusetts and around the country.

Dr. Simon has been honored with numerous awards for her dedication to people who are underserved by health care. She received the Anthony Westwater Jong award from the American Public Health Association, the Rising Star award from the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research, and the David Whiston Leadership Award from the American Dental Association.

As a dentist and  physician, she hopes to further the integration of oral health and primary care to improve health for all people.

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