Mark Schlesinger

Mark Schlesinger, Ph.D. is a wayward economist often mistaken for a political scientist or social  psychologist.  For the past two decades, he has studied patient experience and patients’ responses to problematic medical encounters; over the past five years complementing that work with research into ways of enhancing the scope, clarity, and influence of patient voice (including collaboration in the DIPEx USA network).  Dr. Schlesinger’s other  research interests include the determinants of public opinion about health and social policy, the influence of bounded rationality on medical consumers,  the impact of economic insecurity on political attitudes, and the role of nonprofit organizations in health care systems.

Dr. Schlesinger is Professor of Health Policy and a fellow of the Institution for Social and Policy Studies at Yale University and past editor of the Journal of Health Policy, Politics and Law. He has consulted to ten federal agencies, several dozen state and local governments, and a score of nonprofit organizations.  His favored sports include uncompetitive volleyball and unlighted table tennis. 

Authorship and News Mentions

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