Randy Fenninger

Randy has been the Chief Executive Officer of the National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA) located in Vienna, Virginia for the past two years. His interest in patient and family engagement began when his daughter was hospitalized for surgery and was physically lost by hospital staff between her room and the OR. It was then that he realized that patients need an advocate at all times. Randy's own medical experience with bilateral pulmonary embolisms, Factor V Leiden and becoming a lifetime anticoagulant patient further cemented his desire to make sure that patients are recognized as the true "customer" of the health care system. Critical elements such as timely, accurate diagnosis in the emergency room and proper hospital discharge planning and education were missing elements in his hospitalization. As an NBCA volunteer, Randy learned that his own medical experience was repeated in far too many instances. Patient and family engagement at all steps in the medical process clearly is key to making sure that each person suffering a blood clot receives appropriate care at all times.

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