Scott Pugel

When Dr. Pugel was in the fourth grade, he decided he wanted to become a pediatrician. he has always enjoyed science and working with children. Becoming a pediatrician seemed like the perfect career, and it has been for him. Dr. Pugel grew up in Milwaukee, and he attended Marquette University High School. He then moved to Omaha, Neb. to attend Creighton University, which is where he met my beautiful wife and had two daughters. His parents and siblings had moved to Atlanta, so he also decided to move to Atlanta also and joined Kaiser Permanente in 1989. Since living in Atlanta, they have been blessed with two more daughters, both now in high school. His two oldest daughters have been fortunate to graduate from the University of Georgia.

Dr. Pugel’s goal, as a pediatrician, is to address the physical health of children and help parents as a parent with the challenges of raising a child. Most of his parents and patients would describe me as friendly and easygoing. He enjoys seeing all ages of pediatric patients, from infants to age 21. He has been with Kaiser Permanente long enough to now see the children of the children he used to treat. This is a special joy for him. He also enjoys some administrative duties and has been the managing physician of the Gwinnett Medical Center since 1993.

Dr. Pugel enjoys spending time with my wife and children. He tries to stay fit by getting on my treadmill regularly to watch movies and being involved in a tennis league. His interests include photography and gardening. He also occasionally travel to Haiti to support a medical clinic his church established there.

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