AAFP "MACRA Ready" Resource Page

Take a few moments right now to find, bookmark and explore a newly developed area of the AAFP's website devoted specifically to this massive MACRA effort.

For instance, learn how MACRA will affect Medicare payments and read an in-depth explanation of the Merit-based Incentive Payment System and the Alternative Payment Model. Both are vital components of the law's implementation and its ultimate goal of creating sustainable and innovative payment methods that truly value the skills primary care physicians bring to the health care table.

Once inside the site, follow the link to a recent Family Practice Management article that takes a deep dive into MACRA details. And take time to download a timeline that highlights the most important dates related to MACRA's rollout.

Most importantly, understand that the AAFP will stand by family medicine practices across the country throughout this entire process.

Remember, passage of MACRA in 2015 swept away the troubling Medicare sustainable growth rate formula and flung open the door to promising payment opportunities for family physicians.

It's an exciting time for sure, but there's much to learn and, of course, a tinge of anxiety. So stay in sync with the AAFP.

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