Behavioral Health Integration into the PCMH

Slide Deck 1: Why Integration is Critical. Slide Deck 2: Where & How Integration is Happening.


PCPCC's Special Interest Group on Behavioral Health created two slide decks that can be customized for presentations on the value of behavioral health integration into primary care and the patient-centered medical home (PCMH). The slides also contain information on different models of behavioral health integration.   

The slides are designed for several audiences including:

  • Organizations considering transforming into a PCMH;
  • Organizations and practices already practicing patient-centered care that are planning to integrate behavioral health; and
  • Organizations and practices that want to improve their integration model.

Many of the slides include basic instruction and can be bypassed by experienced clinics. The presenter should consider showing the material in three sessions based on the audience.

  • Session One: Audiences with limited knowledge about the concept of behavioral health integration (See Slide Deck 1).
  • Session Two: Audiences that are already practicing PCMH and know about behavioral health integration, but are not yet convinced of its value (See Slide Deck 1: Reasons Why Behavioral Health Should be Part of the PCMH). 
  • Session Three: Clinics already convinced on the need to integrate, but want to learn more about the various models of integration (See Slide Deck 2).
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