Colorado Care Collaborative

Legislative Request for Information

Executive Summary
The Accountable Care Collaborative completed its second year of operations in June 2013. Program results continue to be positive in terms of enrollment, cost savings, quality of care, client outcomes, and utilization of services. 

Analysis of the program’s performance demonstrates: 

  • 15-20% reduction for hospital readmissions and 25% reduction in high cost imaging services relative to a comparison population prior to program implementation;
  • 22% reduction in hospital admissions among ACC members with COPD who have been enrolled in the program six months or more, compared to those not enrolled;
  • Lower rates of exacerbated chronic health conditions such as hypertension (5%) and diabetes (9%) relative to clients not enrolled in the ACC Program
  • Emergency room utilization by ACC enrollees increased 0.9 percentage points less than utilization by those not enrolled in the ACC program, or an increase of (1.9%) for ACC enrollees compared to an increase of (2.8%) for those not enrolled; and 
  • $44 million gross, $6 million net reduction in total cost of care (cost avoidance) for clients enrolled in the ACC Program.
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