The Health Federation of Philadelphia (HFP), with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is pleased to announce the release of a new interactive tool, The Community Resilience Cookbook.  The Cookbook is a companion to the proceedings of the first National Collaborative on Adversity and Resilience (NCAR), which were released by HFP and RWJF in June, 2014.

The aim of NCAR was to develop strategies to accelerate the spread of awareness of both the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and the possibilities for recovery and prevention. The Community Resilience Cookbook  illuminates the innovative, collaborative initiatives that have been successfully undertaken in nine diverse communities in the US and Canada to raise ACES awareness and mobilize action to prevent adversity and violence, promote resilience and healing, and contribute to building a culture of health. It is our hope and expectation that in these examples you will find useful insights into the key ingredients for effective community engagement and inspiration to mobilize your own community to take up this challenge. By sharing these stories, we hope to spread the lessons learned, build connections and illustrate how communities can begin the work of healing.

Is your community already engaged? Visit the Community Resilience Cookbook to read, reflect and share your story. Are you interested in learning more? We are partnering with Join the conversation through the comment sections in the Community Resilience Cookbook and at

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