Dissemination and adoption of the advanced primary care model in the Maryland multi-payer patient centered medical home program


The Maryland Learning Collaborative together with the Maryland Multi-Payer Program transformed 52 medical practices into patient-centered medical homes (PCMH). The Maryland Learning Collaborative developed an Internet-based 14-question Likert scale survey to assess the impact of the PCMH model on practices and providers, concerning how this new method is affecting patient care and outcomes.

The survey was sent to 339 practitioners and 52 care management teams at 18 months into the program. Sixty-seven survey results were received and analyzed. After 18 months of participation in the PCMH initiative, participants demonstrated a better understanding of the PCMH initiative, improved patient access to care, improved care coordination, and increased health information technology optimization (p > .001). The findings from the survey evaluation suggest that practice participation in the Maryland Multi-Payer Program has enhanced access to care, influenced patient outcomes, improved care coordination, and increased use of health information technology.

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