Healthcare and the 114th Congress: A Dynamic Guide to the Top Issues Affecting Internal Medicine Specialists and Their Patients

Summary of ACP’s Recommendations to Congress

The American College of Physicians (ACP) prepared this guide to serve as an ongoing resource for members of Congress and their staff, the news media, and other interested persons on the top health care issues affecting our members and their patients:

  • The guide is concise: distilling some of the most complex health care issues to be considered by the 114th Congress into two page summaries with additional resources for those interested in learning more.
  • The guide is dynamic: we will continue to update the content and the links for more information as circumstances change.
  • The guide is selective: we didn’t include every health care issue that this Congress may address; only the ones that we believe will have the greatest impact on internal medicine physician specialists, and their patients, and of those, the ones where we believe that there is an imperative for Congress to act.
  • The guide strives to provide an accurate presentation of the issue and its impact on our members and their patients, yet framed in a way that reflects the College’s views on each.

Although we are making the guide available in paper version, it will be most useful in digital form because it includes embedded URL links to other resources that will be frequently updated. If you're looking for a quick overview of the important issues, read our summary.

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