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What We’re Achieving. Though we have much to do, we aremaking solid progress on all three of our “Triple Aim” goals. A sampling:

  • Over four years, there has been an increase of 129% of patients receiving optimal diabetes care, and an increase of 48% of patients receiving optimal heart disease care.
  • In our post-hospital transitional care program, length of hospital stay is now 30% less than community norm and re-hospitalization is 40% less than community norm.
  • More reliable processes, together with special initiatives, are reducing race-based disparities in delivery of heart care.
  • HealthPartners was the first organization of its type to be recognized as a “medical home.”
  • Appointment waiting time was reduced by 350% over four years.
  • Generic drug prescribing increased from 63% in 2006 to 76% today.
  • Diagnostic imaging scans decreased 10% in first year.
  • Coordination of care between our clinics and hospitalreduced emergency room visits by 39% and hospitaladmissions by 24%.
  • The outpatient case management program for behavioral health patients decreased inpatient costs by almost 20%.
  • While making its care more efficient, HP has recently won many national awards for the quality of its care and service, including the prestigious National Quality Forum Award and the AMGAAcclaim Award.
  • Customers are satisfied. An overwhelming 98% of patients say they would recommend HealthPartners.
  • Bottom Line. We’re simultaneously progressing on all Triple Aim goals. Defying conventional wisdom, there has been no cost-quality tradeoff.
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