How To Be An Effective Patient & Family Advisor: Guide to Partnering with Your Clinic

Guide to Partnering with Your Clinic

About this Guide:

When patients and families build partnerships with their health care team – such as doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and clinic staff - to improve health care, everyone benefits! This guide will help you decide if you want to partner with your health care team as an advisor to improve care at your clinic. It also answers questions about the role of patient and family advisors and helps prepare you to participate effectively.

The topics covered in the guide will help you:

  • Learn more about the patient and family advisory role
  • Decide if this is something you want to do
  • Understand how to have a successful experience as a patient or family advisor
  • Find other resources if you want to learn more!


This guide may be reproduced by health care providers and clinics using your own logo and contact information. Simply download the editable powerpoint and attach it to the PDF guide without a cover (that is also attached).  

Mary Minniti discusses how clinicians can use the Patient Advisor Guide!

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