Map Tools: PCMH Slide Presentations

Slide Deck 1: PCMH 101 - General Overview. Slide Deck 2: PCMH 201 - A Snapshot of the Evidence.


PCPCC's Outcomes and Evaluation Center created two slide decks that can be customized for presentations on the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) that describe what it is, how and why it's effective, and program outcomes. This tool can be used in conjunction with PCPCC's Primary Care Innovations and PCMH Map as a means for educating diverse audiences on PCMH outcomes in both private and public health care markets across the country.

The slides are designed for several audiences including:

  • Organizations considering transforming into a PCMH;
  • Organizations and practices that want to learn about successful models in order to improve their care delivery systems;
  • Policymakers, decision makers, advocates and other PCMH stakeholders interested in learning about the evidence base for advanced primary care models.

Many of the slides include basic instruction and may be bypassed for more informed audiences. The presenter should consider showing the material in three sessions based on the audience.

  • Session One: Audiences with limited knowledge about the concept of PCMH (See Slide Deck 1).
  • Session Two: Audiences that already understand how PCMH works, but are not yet convinced of its value (See Decks 1 and 2). 
  • Session Three: Policymakers, advocates, and PCMH stakeholders already convinced of the value of PCMH, but want to learn more about recently reported program outcomes such as data on cost, utilization, access, patient/provider satisfaction, etc. (See Slide Deck 2).

For the most current program evaluation data, please go to PCPCC’s “Outcomes View” of the Map. This page is updated in real-time as new program results are publicly reported. This view allows users to search and filter programs by outcome type (e.g., cost, utilization, patient/provider satisfaction, etc. Links to the actual evaluation studies are also provided.

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