MGM Resorts International Lauded for Innovative Employee Health Care Benefit by Institute for HealthCare Consumerism

Ellis and Socha conducted extensive research that discovered the best health plans were based upon care that is directed by a primary care physician (PCP), in collaboration with the patient. The Direct Care Health Plan offers a network of PCPs who have agreed to special terms, like guaranteeing same- or next- business day appointments for all urgent visits, guaranteeing appointments within 10 to 14 days for any routine visit, and guaranteeing minimal wait times of 30 minutes or less for on-time arrival to scheduled visits. Additionally, there are lower out of pocket costs and no deductibles in the Direct Care Health Plan, compared with the HMO and PPO Plans MGM also offers its employees.   

MGM Resorts also contracts directly with physicians, which is uncommon. Plan participants are encouraged to rate their doctors after every visit and the company then pays its network of doctors based on quality of health care.  

In 2012, 5,000 employees and their dependents signed up for the health plan. The results were astounding; previously undiagnosed conditions were diagnosed and preventative screening rates increased dramatically, thanks to a 95 percent participation rate in the annual physical. 

In 2013, enrollment nearly doubled and additional PCPs were added. The satisfaction rate among participants is 88 percent. As the 2014 year begins, the enrollment has grown to 15,000 employees and dependents.  

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